Digital behavioral health strategy

Telehealth player considering expansion to adjacencies and the use of digital technologies

Leading behavioral health provider company with a large telehealth operation was looking to evaluate the role of digital behavioral health both as a complement and a potential competitor/ substitute for its services. In addition to determining the role of digital for them in the future, they needed guidance on whether to develop these capabilities in house or to make an acquisition and if so based on what criteria.

Patient segmentation, value framework, opportunity landscape

Developed a clear quantitative understanding of the costs and revenue implications of digital BH on their overall business including cannibalization. Extensive and deep interviews with buyers. Capability mapping of over 50 potential acquisitions using a range of sources. Recommended an acquisition with specified criteria.

Acquisition based on recommendation followed by successful exit

Client got a clear framework to position its services relative to its new digital capabilities as well as an understanding of financial implications. It acquired one of the digital health companies that we shortlisted based on our criteria. Client was then itself acquired in a highly successful exit.


Digital, Health IT, and Consumer

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