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About Us

Recon offers a different approach to health care consulting that draws on our partners’ diversity of experience across health care. Our partners function as the primary consultants: framing the key questions, driving the research, conducting quantitative analyses and developing recommendations while also personally engaging with clients throughout the project. Our model is also unique in that it allows for a highly flexible approach to resourcing and engagement design in order to best complement client capabilities and needs.
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While all partners have a common lineage at Boston Consulting Group, their experiences outside of consulting are broad and varied and include entrepreneurial ventures, professional services and executive leadership both in global corporations and in the public sector.


Recon has a client-focused engagement model that is collaborative and flexible to adapt to different requirements for timing, pacing and resources. We build many interaction points with clients into our projects, and commonly work with “client case teams” to collaborate with us.

High Value

Our interactions with clients are centered on critical activities, minimizing disruption to clients’ day-to-day operations. Our approach also enables us to maintain a small support infrastructure, ensuring our professional fees are highly competitive.
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