Foundation strategy

A non profit patient advocacy group facing a sustainability crisis looking for sources of earned revenue

Advocacy group for a “not so rare, rare disease” was facing a sustainability crisis. Large philanthropic donor was raising concerns about the effectiveness of its multi-year support and asking the Foundation to demonstrate long term viability by both expanding its donor base and dramatically increasing earned revenue through its hospital partnerships and leveraging its database.

Disease focus advocacy group

Developed value propositions and associated business models for potential revenue sources from multiple stakholders including hospitals and biotech and validated the attractiveness with these stakeholders. Outlined necessary revamping of the assets and services offered by the foundation including investments in its database, patient social network, and hospital collaborations. Recommended changes in the organization design and staffing as well as significant change in how the data assets were managed.

Growth strategy and organization redesign

Renewed funding from key donor is enabling the shift in strategy and organization that is required for long term sustainability.


Universities and Foundations

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