Lab testing services strategy

Academic lab seeking to grow commercial services

A lab affiliated with a leading academic research institution and known for its research capabilities wanted to grow a diagnostic lab business, seeking guidance on customer and product types. The client was interested in near-term opportunities that would enable expansion of current operations, as well as long-term opportunities with a greater risk-reward profile.

External market and internal capability assessment

Project was split along two dimensions, an external assessment of the market and an internal evaluation of capabilities, with an aim of identifying opportunities that best aligned across both. Market assessment involved current market dynamics, service needs across a broad set of stakeholders (clinical, pharma, direct-to-consumer) and emerging technologies. Capability assessment leveraged a facilitated exercise of client-assessed capabilities and gaps across technical, business and operational considerations.

Recommendation with a clear path forward

The analysis led to a clear leading option, that served a high-growth, in-demand market segment, and fit particularly well with the client’s capabilities and brand. There was organizational aligment to pursue, and discussions with key customers were initiated by the end of the project.


Universities and Foundations

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