Specialty pharmacy products and services

Specialty pharmacy seeking to identify value-add services to strengthen customer relationships

A national specialty pharmacy with significant revenues in oncology, was looking to identify additional services that could be offered to community physician practices as means of deepening customer relationships. The client was open to incremental services that would be bundled within their curent offering, as well as more signfiicant products that would generate additional revenue.

Customer profiling and opportunity identification

Conducted deep primary research of existing customer base through interviews with clinicians, staff and practice administrators. Developed customer profiles that were actionable by linked them to data available to client. Identified gaps in current pharmacy process and related clinical care, enabling broad set of opportunities for new products and services to be identified. Faciltated workshop with senior leadership to prioritize options based on degree of business impact and timing.

Prioritized options and recommended path forward

Recommended a short-list of options to grow products and services, with specific opportunities “bundled” in mini-portfolio to maximize cross-synergies. Recommendation was endorsed by senior leadership and built into planning process for upcoming year.



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