Technology solution for hospitals


A large global corporation had prototyped a combination of an emerging technology with their existing product platform to create a solution targeted at reducing hospital acquired infections. The client believed market potential was over $1B and was considering acquiring their technology partner. The client’s investment committee needed external validation of the market opportunity, market segment prioritization and market sizing.


We assessed the market need through customer and competitor interviews. Based on that information, we developed a market segmentation model based on hospital and system characteristics. We then sized the market combining datasets including MAX (hospitals/systems/GPOs) and CMS (HAI rates), and further refined our model with inclusion of adoption rates and competitor positions. We also researched the purchase decision process through a combination of secondary and primary (qualitative and quantitative) research.


We concluded that the addressable opportunity for the high technology solution was far smaller than initial expectations, and that the company’s ability to capture the value created by the solution would be highly limited by ecosystem dynamics (competitors, GPOs, systems integrators).

The client decided to de-risk their exposure to the high end solution by scaling back their investment plans and exploring a simpler, lower cost approach.


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