Novel diagnostics opportunity assessment

Molecular diagnostic company with several options to advance novel diagnostics to the clinic

A lab with earlier success in developing a proprietary esoteric test as well as core diagnostic technologies, sought to grow business through development of new novel diagnostics. Key questions involved understanding areas of greatest opportunity, as well as the relative shape of the product development path in terms of time and cost.

Benchmarking and opportunity identification

Developed a general overview of the current and future market for novel diagnostics, with deep-dives on analog benchmarks best aligned with the client’s research capabilities (technology and disease areas). Worked with internal client team to evaluate current status and gaps in existing research for novel tests.

Roadmap set for recommended approach to building out business

The recommendation included a high-level product development model, including decision-making model, stage gate process and organizational considerations. Client has a clear sense of the investment required, based on a financial model that included bottoms-up cost forecasting, and potential P&L scenarios based on benchmarked analogs. The client is moving foward with development of one leading test, evaluating partnership options to help with clinical evaluation and commercialization.


Medtech and Diagnostics

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