R&D organization – strategic redesign

Need to reconfigure R&D organization

R&D organization seen as losing effectiveness. CEO decided to trim portfolio and redesign organization around core programs. HR and R&D leadership face challenges of new and unfamiliar governance and organization models. Meanwhile constraints on budget and headcount was leading to conflicts. Urgent need to execute on CEO direction without disrupting programs.

Partnership with leadership team and support to HR

Recon worked closely with R&D leadership to translate the CEO’s vision into pragmatic changes in organization and governance for all R&D departments. This involved a dramatic move from a functional to a program driven structure and required highly sensitive negotiations with R&D leaders and careful consideration of change management and impact on existing and transitioning programs. In addition, we provided support to the HR team to be able to analyze and interpret internal data in the context of benchmarks and best practice.

Successful transition

R&D organization restructured and re-sized around new model and new capacity requirements. Critical people and capabilities retained despite many being placed in new roles. Process seen by all participants as transparent, fair and information-driven. Successful transition with no program disruption and limited unplanned attrition.


Biopharma and Medical Devices
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