Specialty entry opportunity assessment

Provider with national footprint seeks to expand into an adjacent specialty

A national ASC company was underperforming financially because of their core speciatly could not generate sufficient volume related to fixed cost base; real estate, equipment and staff. There were ideas across the organization about adding one or two specialties, but without clarity on which to pursue and why. Client needed a definitive strategy on choosing a lead specialty to grow within their ASCs.

Specialty-specific outpatient services evaluation

Interviewed SMEs of leading ASC companies to build learnings on approach to expansions. Conducted initial prioritization of long list of specialties based on collaboratiely developed framework with client. Identified leading set of specialties and conducted deep-dives to determine best opportunity. Analysis included economics, financial performance at a national level, and local market assessments of existing ASCs in relevant geoographies

Best specialty identified and pilot expansion initiated in select ASCs

Client agreed with recommended specialty for expansion. Local market analysis, along with internal assessment, helped to identify the first five markets to pursue as initial pilot, which is currently underway.



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