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Recon takes an analytical look behind select developments in healthcare

Advances in AI for Health in 2021: An Analysis of the Clinicaltrials.gov Registry

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in healthcare spans a vast range of potential applications. A view of AI development on clinicaltrials.gov helps to focus this landscape, giving a sense of trends and near-term applications. Following last year’s review of AI development, we have updated our analysis to include registered studies starting in 2021.[1] The analysis revealed continued strong growth of studies across the field, especially in patient engagement and research. Within patient engagement, the tools studied (mostly chatbots) have increased in complexity, tracking with advancements

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The Puzzling Future of Healthcare

This post is from a talk at the 2021 Link Ventures CEO summit. Original talk: Transcript: The practice of medicine has always been an information problem. Clinicians seek to diagnose an ailment and to prescribe a cure based on an incomplete understanding of what’s happening in a patient’s body as it relates to an incomplete set of knowledge about diagnoses and treatments.  This aspect of medicine has remained the same for centuries even as our collective understanding of medicine has gone through three major phases.  Until the 18th century, much

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AI in healthcare III: COVID-19 applications and implications

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of AI in healthcare. AI based tools and solutions can work quickly, be deployed at scale, and respond to the dynamic nature of the crisis. Use-cases span all facets of responding to the pandemic, from diagnosis and triage, to treatment and combating new transmission. A wide range of players—including startups, established companies, universities, and more—are bringing their capabilities and perspectives to the table. Startups like Current Health, a UK-based remote-monitoring company supporting Mayo Clinic and Baptist Health with their COVID-19 response, are benefitting the industry’s

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