Author: David Kaufmann

Recon takes an analytical look behind select developments in healthcare

Trends in biotech deals in 2022 and 2023: oncology vs. the rest

Summary After challenging conditions in 2022, deal-driven biotech spending appears to have picked up in 2023. To quantify this trend we have systematically reviewed deals announced during this period and examined differences based on therapeutic areas and stage of development. We find that (1) deal counts shrank in oncology compensated by growth in other TAs; (2) the decrease in number of oncology deals was largely driven by less appetite for earlier phase assets, whereas compensated growth in other TAs came from the same earlier stages of development, (3) across the

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Trends in oncolytic virus therapeutics: then and now

PDF: Trends in oncolytic virus therapeutics: then and now The idea of using pathogens to treat disease is not new; ranging from phage therapy to malariotherapy (resulting in the only Nobel in medicine to a psychiatrist – in 1927), but it was really only with the onset of the biotech revolution in the 1990s that an old concept of using viruses as tumor killing agents started to come into its own.  As the ability to characterize viruses at the genetic level grew, it was followed by the techniques to genetically modify

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